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GENERATION X: Relevant And Relative

A yo! Welcome to week number 4 of the "Disco Kitchen" Blog! Today I find myself in Hyde Park, Chicago, with my iTunes, "Disco" playlist on shuffle, coffee mug full, headphones high and unsure of what the hell I'm going to talk about today but press play anyway! I collect so much digital music that I have to constantly listen to it on shuffle so that I don't forget the gems that I may have downloaded back in 2010.

To set the mood for this read; The first song shuffled for this sitting is, "Pleasure Principle" by George Clinton's all girl group, Parlét.

I am also consciously celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the rapper Ice Cube's epic piece of work and album, "Death Certificate". When I say "celebrate" I mean that I listened to the full album about 3 times this morning before I left the house. I remember being in the U.S. Army, activated from National Guard status to Regular Army status during the "Desert Storm" confrontation. I remember being taken out of Southern University and A&M College and shipped to Fort Polk, LA, the nearest Army Base to Baton Rouge. I remember being separated from the love of my life to prospectively fight and die for a country that could care less about me, my family, my quality of life nor welfare. I also remember pondering metaphysical thoughts of not being able to control my alcohol and drug use. If there was ever a traumatic time in my life, November, 1991 is absolutely the "in the beginning" of such period. To be as honest and actual about the mood that I'm in while writing today, I must mention that I watched the Netflix mini series, "Black & White: An exploration of former NFL player Colin Kaeperick's high school years and experiences that led him to become an activist". I won't spoil the mini series for you, but according to the title, I'm sure that you can figure out the gist? Yeah, so this is my current awareness while writing this piece today. Heavy vibes? Yes. Heavy heart? No. Heavy dude? Oh Fasho! lol Now let's go!

Headphones high! You feel me? Good. Now If I am to continue to maintain the gist of this blog, that would mean that I should forget about writing some lengthy, "hope to be" epic, masterpiece of future concerns nor taking some deep dive into the past in order to impress upon you that I'm a "writer" of paramount significance. Although I feel the latter statement to be true, it's mainly because I'm a man of paramount experience! However, as of lately, I've been researching the profoundness of writing within the parameters of paramount moments, one week at a time. And with the many mediums that I practice during the week, that's pretty much all I have time to write. From Monday to Monday is enough time to give a brief yet detailed account of things that go on in "Disco Kitchen".

Week 3 of #HealthyMealPrep is completed and delivered. Schedules are literally creating themselves: My monthly, revolving, winter menu is one week away from being complete. Stay tuned for the #HealthyMealPrep Recipe, ebook, coming as soon as I make the time to put it together (This will not take long, I promise). My goal is to have it out and ready for purchase well before the official beginning of Winter, let alone before it's over. Because I understand that my current, responding demographic may find it a bit strenuous to pay $150/week for my authentic meal prep (If you balling and/or can't find the time to cook and eat healthy, hit me up. THIS IS FOR YOU!), All others, never do you fear; I'm offering a "play by play booklet/so you can get/Yo game on track/Not wig pushed back!" This way you can actually put these meals together for you and your family yourself. Again, cooking is not "rocket science" but to actually pull it off for yourself, you will have get organized and designate time to plan, shop and execute these meals. With Disco Kitchen, #HealthyMealPrep we do all of that for you. So here's your choices:

1. Pay $150/wk or $400/mth and get 10 healthy meals delivered to your door every Sunday (Call or Text 424-316-8196 for a free consultation).

2. Buy the $25 eBook, make the time to plan, shop and cook the meals for yourself

3. Go on to the bitter end, eating bad and living like you've been living! LOL

Just kidding but for real, we all should be making attempts towards being more conscious about what we are putting into our systems. Especially during these troubled/pandemic times. Speaking of "pandemic times", how's your immune system? Is it strong and healthy? or you don't know? Well, we aren't getting any younger and times don't seem to be getting better. Yet we do know that times are truly uncertain in respect to viruses, pandemics and other karmic rewards and consequences. I'm just saying... We also know that the weather is changing pretty much all over the country (Except Cali. #Dammit), and it's typically the time of year when many of us catch bugs and become under the weather. Here's where we insert #DiscoJuice. No. LITERALLY!

"Disco Juice is a combination of natural roots and juices, concocted with love and compassion for the people in these serious, pandemic times. All ingredients are either high in alkaline and/or are known to be anti-inflammatory agents that embody multiple health benefits including boosting the immune system."

I suggest that you do something on a daily basis to stay proactive in efforts to keeping a healthy immune system. I highly suggest, #DiscoJuice. Especially if you plan to "Stay On The Dance Floor!"

So, I was over half way finished with this blog, all comfy, focused and in my flow when I noticed that my computer battery was at like 10%. I went into my bag to

get my charger so I can "get plugged" and you know what? Dammit! I left it at home! Unlike last week, today, I'm highly meditated! So little mishaps like that are basically "Small things to a giant". Yes! meditation and all other forms of getting and staying grounded makes me feel like a GIANT! Really... when I'm consistent with meditation and other mindful practices that keeps me focused and grounded, I tend to be more conscious of the fact that "there are no mistakes". When I'm tuned in, I have no problem rolling with the way things happen. Oh well, I gotta go home to get connected but before I leave, I'm gonna stop at the Silverroom. Last Monday, Large Professor was there speaking and I totally missed it. Although I caught the live stream on Instagram, I was literally steps away when it all took place. NOT TODAY! lol There was literally nothing going on there today. On a brighter note, I did purchase another cook book. That's two dope cook books from the Silverroom, Hyde Park, Chicago. You see, everything does happens for a reason.


"The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South" by Michael W. Twitty

"Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean & Southern Flavors REMIXED"

by Bryant Terry.

In closing, I gotta say that I trudged from last Monday until today, "half cocked" passive, fearful and low vibrating. It all came to a head yesterday. Nothing bad happened nor did I take any ill actions. On the contrary! Instead, I reached out to a few people that I love and respect. A few folks who I know for sure would give me the real, uncut positivity of God and the Universe. I've learned to take action when things get dark. When I overlook Spiritual self care, it begins to effect every area of my life. Whew! I got out of that Jam! Thank you loved ones! You know exactly who you are! To that one friend, this photo is how I envisioned it (At least until I battled with whether I turned the oven off or not...jajajaja LOL).


In order to keep some type of method to my madness, I will continue with "The Song Of The Week". The song of the week is simply that one song that resonated with me more than any other song during the week. Yes. Just one song. Even though I highlighted "Death Certificate" by Ice Cube in previous paragraphs, "A Message To The People" by the Queen, Shirley Caesar touched my heart in a way that no other song did this week. For one, my musical secret weapon/great FB friend "Marie" from Franćais via Italia is back from hiatus and she's letting us have it with her musical knowledge again. I don't know why she slowed down but I am absolutely grateful that she's back. Since 2009, she's educated me on artist's from the US and abroad that I "thunk" I knew as well as those whom I had no clue of their existence. Shirley Caesars lyrics were exactly what I needed this week even though I didn't pay attention to them during the time of my brief "fog". Apparently my subconscious absorbed it all. What's really dope about it is that the lyrics are over a "cover" of the dope instrumentation from the RnB classic, "Masterpiece" by the Mighty Temptations. The dope part is that I sampled the track by the Temps years ago to spit the spoken word piece, "It Is What It Is..." What's really strange is that I heard Queen Shirley's song for the first time last week.

Now here's pitch black poetics:

Check them out! Comment, Like, Share, tell a friend! Thanks in advance!

#DiscoRolls FOR SALE Y'ALL


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