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Disco Kitchen is proud to introduce Disco Rolls! This healthy roll is made from Fresh Collard Greens and Kale, braised in Coconut Milk and Smoked Turkey. This is matched with gluten-free, deep-fried Wontons. To top it all up, Disco Rolls are served with Citrus Coconut or Curry dipping sauce. So put on your dancing shoes and grab these pristine treats!



Disco Juice is a combination of natural roots and juices, concocted with love and compassion for the people during a pandemic. All ingredients are either high in alkaline and/or are known to be anti-inflammatory agents that embody multiple health benefits including boosting the immune system.

This delicious beverage is 100% organic, and vegan and contains no preservatives or additives. 

The unique recipe has been perfected over time to ensure each bottle will have the same amazing taste every time. The formula consists of ginger root, turmeric root, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. This combination of ingredients makes it perfect for those looking to fight off colds, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels! So if you're ready to detoxify your body, don’t worry. We got you! We’ve made it easy and affordable to get you what you need to confidently survive these troubled times. Disco Juice is an all-in-one, pre-made solution that requires no chopping or blending.

Enjoy the health benefits of natural roots and juices with Disco Juice! This all-in-one, pre-made solution packs vitamins and minerals that help energize, refresh, and hydrate the body. Protect yourself from disease by getting your daily dose of nutrient-rich goodness with Disco Juice. Get yours now and start living a healthier life today!



  • The most effective nutritional supplement in existence.

  • Natural anti-inflammatory

  • Lowers risk of heart disease

  • Can help prevent (And perhaps even treat) cancer

  • Improve your brain's functioning

  • Incredible Benefits against depression




  • Lower blood pressure

  • Detox the body

  • Helps digestion

  • Gives you energy

  • Help you lose weight

  • Improve Arthritis




  • Skin Healing

  • Blood Builder

  • Detoxification

  • Weight loss


  • Vitamin C

  • Hydration

  • Weight loss

  • Improves skin




  • Rich in nutrients

  • Decrease inflammation

  • High in antioxidants




  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce hunger

  • Help relieve pain

  • Reduce cancer risk

Ingredients & Benefits


Love Potions

LOVE POTION #9” is a series of recipe books created to inspire/encourage the reader, chef, and foodie to imagine the ever-elusive and often misconstrued word, “love” in a more concrete, absolute, and practical way. 


Nourishment of our bodies is one, if not the most direct way to display real love.  Contrary to societal norms, what we put into our bodies in terms of food, pretty much determines how much we truly love ourselves.  I also believe that if food were prepared with loving, more informed hands then love is that much more present. 


This series of books, “Intimate Dining” being volume 1, is intended to equip cooks, and foodies alike with fresh ingredients, proper techniques, and a different perspective toward love.  This series of recipes will definitely give you a more effective way to communicate your love. 

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Catering & Intimate Dining

Romantic Dinner
Family Reunion
Chef Preparing Meal

For everyone who’s planning to experience a personal chef dining experience, try our Intimate Dining catering services! This memorable experience accommodates 2 to 20 guests. Intimate Dining will have a 5-course meal created by Chef Craig, presenting the flavors of the Black Atlantic diaspora. Wine pairing, signature drinks and setting up an elegant atmosphere will surely be a friendly discourse motivator. Chef Craig will work with you to determine your diet preferences: protein, vegetarian and/or vegan options to provide an all-inclusive event! Contact Chef Craig to secure a schedule.

Healthy Meal Prep

As a continuous commitment to health and fun, watch out for my Healthy Meal Prep. This is a series of meals, and I will guide you on how to do them. We will start with ten meals per week so you can kickstart your healthy lifestyle!

*BEGINS 10/16/2021 SIGN UP BY 10/9/2021*

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