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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Well hello there! Happy New Year! Yes! It's 2023!

I know-I know, It's been a minute since I've sat down with intention to write to you guys. As a matter fact, I referenced my last blog post and found out that it's been more than a year! November 16th, 2021 to be exact. So how the hell are you?

I truly hope all is well and that this blog reaches you all in great spirits, excited about the possibility's of 2023 and at peace and satisfaction with the previous years. After all, you can't get them back so you may as well be cool with "yesterday"(lol). So, "What's happening right now?" you ask? Well, like I mentioned in the last blog, "I was losing my shirt!", solely relying on sales from Disco Kitchen and I had to pick up a day job to supplement my entire life! Don't trip, "It be's that way sometime..." lol In all actuality, by doing that, I was able to get my personal finances back on track as well as DISCO KITCHEN, INC. Going back to work for "the man" (in this case, Jeff Besos), has allowed me to profoundly increase both, my business and my personal credit. Having a regular paycheck, although minimizing my actual time to put in work in the kitchen, has allowed me to outsource my branding and marketing with ease. I work with some really dope photographers, graphic designers, and marketing professionals who unfortunately, refused to work for "Collard green egg rolls". Trust me, I've asked them.

However, we have some BIG news to spill in this blog

Besides getting back on track financially, I've been able to creatively rethink Disco Kitchen's direction and it's broad meaning, in respect to my original vision and creative contributions towards it. There's so much catching up to do but I will gradually bring you guys up to speed in the weeks/months to come, as we are dedicated to blogging regularly for 2023. However, we have some BIG news to spill in this blog: While away, we've completely overhauled "Disco Juice". I mean, from the recipe to the branding and even the business structure. We've taken on some powerful partners with intentions of expanding massively. I can't speak on it like I want to right now because we are still in the legal phase but don't trip, Disco Juice soon come! Now what I can speak on is the series of "High Value" recipe books that I've written while I've been away from you guys titled; "LOVE POTION #9-A Recipe For The Issues of the Heart"

I've always known that I'd write books before this life was over but what I did not know nor would have ever imagined was that the first book that I'd write and publish would be a book series of my own original recipe's (Inspired by a fusion of kitchens, chefs, co-workers and kitchen experiences). My life, colorful, to say the least, full of tragedy, comedy, heart wrenching disappointments, close and near death encounters, sex driven motives, drugs, jail cells, multiple major city habitation, celebrity acquaintances/relationships, higher learning, artistic performance, recovery, relapse and nothing less than glorious, Spiritually induced triumphs, has literary masterpiece(s) written all over it. It would be an absolute tragedy if a detailed account of all of it were not at least attempted to document via text, print and/or soundtrack. I wrote a book of Spoken Word poetry that I thought would be my first published piece of work, but I was wrong. While attempting to do anything but the 12 steps to rid myself of a nasty disease that would taunt me for more than 20 years of my life, I enrolled in culinary school. Out of my many attempts at recovery via higher learning, Culinary Arts was the first that would hold my interest long enough that I would complete with a degree, work tirelessly in the Food and Beverage industry in Michelin Starred kitchens under World renown chefs. However passionate for the art form, It didn't keep me sober but it was the last piece of the puzzle before I finally had a Spiritual Awakening that would, alas, "Satisfy My Soul".

My livestreams have literally been my sole means of recreation since I've been away from you. I've literally been grinding damn near everyday on the back end of DISCO KITCHEN, INC for the entire year of 2022. Hence the title

"New Year-New Oui!" Translated, "New Year-New Yes!" "Yes", because I've said "Yes" to all things creative, all things work and all things progress

For the sake of becoming more of what I am potentially capable of. Say it with me, "PO-TEN-CHA!" NOW SANG IT!:

Love Potion #9-The main ingredient for life is nourishment.

"Love Potion #9-A Recipe For The Issues of the Heart" takes place in the heart of our society-the kitchen. The main ingredient for life is nourishment. Nourishment is love to our bodies. Those who prepare the nourishment most often do it out of love for those that they are preparing it for. However, not everyone who prepare the nourishment actually love the process of preparing it. When we eat, we attempt to show love for our lives. Many times we are mistaken. Just because we eat when our bodies tell us to doesn't necessarily mean that we are loving ourselves. Unbeknownst to many of us, some of the things that we eat and how they are prepared are totally the opposite of love. In this book series, I attempt to guide us towards the purest form of love, all while opening up a dialogue for the "Issues of the heart", via my original recipe's, filled with the freshest ingredients and proper technique.

LOVE POTION #9 is a four volume series of recipe books that will be released, one at time over the course of 2023 (subscribe to the blog and follow us on social media to stay in the loop for the next drops). Volume 1 will officially be released via Amazon, on February 1st, 2023. Pre-Sale orders for Volume 1 will be accessible right here on via this blog only. The pre-sale orders are available in PDF format as well as a signed physical copy during the week of 1/22/2023 thru 1/28/2023 only and will be sold at a discounted price, in appreciation for your loyalty. Just in time for a practice run before Valentines Day, the "Intimate Dining" volume will ensure that you show your baby the love that he/she truly deserve. Try doing it together and let us know how well of a Love Potion #9 is.

Do You Need A Soundtrack to Cook to?

My day job is a "no-brainer" and mostly physical work. At work, I'm able to rock out my whole shift with earbuds. This has freed up mental space tremendously, allowing me to dream, plan and execute all of the amazing amendments that we'll be introducing this year. At work, I'm either listening to music (my muse), Information Technology lectures, social podcasts and/or Youtube "DIY's". Honestly, 75% of what I listen to is music.

I've loaded my phone with pretty much my whole iTunes "Disco" and "House" library and I listen to them on "shuffle" with expectations to be inspired by that one song that I would open my livestream mixes with and the rest just flows like water. You can go to Youtube, subscribe and listen to them:

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Tamara A Chandler
Tamara A Chandler
Jan 22, 2023

Awesome! Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

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