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When We Move!

"There's not a problem that I can't fix/Cuz I can do it in the mix..." Remember that catchy phrase from the classic cut, "Last night a DJ saved my life" by Indeep? I'm finding that phrase more and more relevant to life in general. However obscure, I'm finding it even more relative when it comes to entrepreneurship and creating business out of the things that I love to do. I'm also finding that when I do these things out of the love that I have for them, present them in whatever way, unique to myself, the people will come. When the people come, I do the very best that I can to get that love to them in the most professional and timely manner that I know of. Sure! I will make mistakes and 9 outta 10 times I'll work a bit harder and longer, out of inexperience but if I keep moving and fulfilling requests to the best of my ability, the solutions will most often reveal themselves, "In the mix-in the mix...". However, I must take action! In all things, I must take action. If I don't move, nothing moves. Hence the hood phrase, "Nuthin Moovin Smoovin!" lol

Ok so here we are, as proposed, another blog. I think it's gonna be much easier to blog on a weekly basis than on longer intervals. Weekly reporting is less overwhelming. I can just tell you how I completed my first installment of "Healthy Meal Prep" for my first 3 clients. If I report weekly, I can speak on the fact that I actually created the menu for my meal prep in the produce section of "Local Market" on 71st and Jeffrey, Chicago, IL. I can let you know that my inspiration for cooking has always come from walking through the isles at Whole Foods and other grocery stores. When I report on a weekly basis, I don't feel that I have to create some epic piece about my vast journey to become. I can just speak on how I met this woman while vending at "The Lot", one of many "House Music" picnics that I attended this summer, who inquired about my catering services. It may not be epic but she called me on Tuesday about her Birthday party on Saturday, which is really short notice for my style of service but again, "there's not a problem that I can't fix/cuz I can do it in the mix...". Sure these aren't life changing accounts, these are mere baby steps that we take in the "Trek to Mecca" (Assuming that we are all questing 'Mecca'). Turns out that this woman is a doctor and her Birthday party would host a room full of prominent, African American, female Doctors from all over the country. Since this just happened this week, the sentiment in my report is less likely to be over sensationalized because it's just something that happened yesterday. I can vividly remember the Butternut Squash Soup, the "RBG Salad", the pan seared Salmon with the grill marks from my "Walmart" bought cast iron grill. It was only yesterday that I pulled the Chicken Breast out of the brine. Oh and the Moroccan Cauliflower that I prepared for my meal prep clients? Well I purchased 3 times the amount and added it to the party menu. Since this is a weekly blog, I don't have a hard time recalling that I had to call my sister on the fly and ask her to help me with the display because my regular help was working her other job. The party was a success. I think I may have gained a meal prep client and a few new "Disco Roll" and "Disco Juice" customers. It just happened so it's not a big deal that I purchased delicious pastries from my friend Zsa Zsa Smith of "Zeaven Heaven" and took them to the party, served them and made sure that the guests had her contact information. That's what we do daily so it's not a big deal to write about "collective work and economics" on a weekly basis. This week was subtly epic and all that I had to do was say "yes" and move! Because "When we move, the whole world follows in our path..."

Because I plan on blogging again next week, I don't have to think about what I'm gonna write about. This way of blogging, takes away a lot of anxiety and fear of failing at blogging (if that's even a thing). I get to stay in the present while utilizing practices, experiences and skills attained from my past and "moving" on a daily basis towards the future. Sure, I can dream about what I want that to look like but without action and movement, it would be only a dream. This is definitely a new way of thinking and living for me. I'm not ashamed to say that this concept of living is straight out of the AA playbook. When I use my past and projections of the future as stepping stones and not death sentences, I get to be present in the present. This school of thought, in my experience is how you get shit done (pardon my French)! With that said, I'm think I'm pretty much done "saying" for this week. Just a couple more words of sales, marketing and advertisement and I will be out of your hair.

Oh! The song of the week for me is, "When We Move" by Common, Seun Kuti and one of my top 5 MCs, Black Thought. Check it out, it's my theme for this week and what I want to illustrate in my work, my art, my vibe and my whole life for that matter.

I will be raffling off all of the below products and 1 week of healthy meal prep for the week of November 1st to the one person who follows all of these rules.

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The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021. Good luck. I hope you win! Thanks for taking the time out to take the necessary action and actually reading my weekly blog. Next week I will give out a recipe or two. I promise. Stay tuned in and tell a few homies.

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