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One Monkey Don't Stop No Show. Not Even 26.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Sooo... Happy Monday everyone! I've been sitting here in my blog spot for a while today, doing everything except putting words on the page. Everything that I've been doing is necessary and important but not of priority in respect to the allotted time scheduled to write the "Disco Kitchen" weekly blog. It's Monday dammit! lol. Yep! This is one of those "I'm a lazy writer" type of days. Maybe it's because I have a lot to say and some of the things that I have to say haven't yet set in my soul as reality yet. I've made a few decisions over the last week that will drastically change my routine. "Change is inevitable"! I talk a lot of shit about those who can't seem to embrace change yet I can't seem to easily accept it either. Never-the-less, I've made it my thing to have acceptance in just about all things. Acceptance of things that I can not change at the moment has truly been a blessed practice. The "Serenity Prayer", if/when adamantly practiced and used for more than cliche purposes can and will solve most problems. It's just that human beings are naturally selfish, self centered and self seeking, so when things don't go the way that we plan them, we need to allow time to get used to things going other than "perfect". Some people need more time than others. I've found that the time which we take to get over our "Big Babyism" is time that could've been used for transitioning to the inevitable.

Yeah, so you probably need to embrace "The Serenity Prayer", right now. (lol) If I were to be completely honest, I'd have to admit that I need it to be stamped on the forehead's of every human that I come in contact with.

This past week in Disco Kitchen was pretty disappointing to say the least. Although I made a nice amount of sales toward the end of the week, I did not have one "Healthy Meal Prep" client. It was disappointing because ongoing meal prep is just about the closest that I can get, as an entrepreneur, to a set/consistent pay check. (I know that I don't need to explain the convenience of a set/consistent pay check do I?) Well, on Tuesday of every week, I call current clients to confirm their participation for the following week, as I need to have a general idea of how many people that I will be cooking for. My norm for the past month was to shop on Thursday mornings and cooking on Friday and Saturday. However, to my surprise (not really a surprise), no one confirmed. When I set my pricing, $150/week, I thought, 'I'm under cutting the competition yet offering more value in respect to my menu's'. Then I thought, '$150/week is $600/month! That's a note on a nice car'. Yet when I acquired my first few clients, I was like, *InMyKanyeVoice "but she ain't 'effin' with no broke-broke..." My pricing is my pricing. It's not based on ego nor visions of grandeur. My pricing is based on the quality of ingredients, good technique(s) and the time that it takes me to prepare, package and deliver these meals. I agreed with myself that if I were to take more than 10 clients, then I would not be able to show the love and care to each plate. Therefore, I agreed (with myself), that I would only take 10 clients. Having a consistent 10 clients per week, whether they were the same clients or different ones, would prospectively equal the sum of livable, weekly income that I could accept (There's that word again). Based on my quality of life since getting sober, anything less than the ability to take a random trip to Miami for the weekend is unacceptable. At this point, my sales/entrepreneurship is unacceptable. I say all this to say that I have a job interview tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am not giving up. I'm merely dealing with the acceptance of things that I cannot change and the courage to change the things that I can. I intend to take the part-time shift if I'm offered the job. Then I think, 'can I change how many clients and/or sales that I have?' Most business people would definitely say, "yes!". I agree with them but can I do it in respect to time, urgency or need? My experience and history is telling me, "no"

Furthermore, you DO know that this will be my 1st winter in Chicago since 2017? You DO know that I spent the last 4 years of my life in sunny/warm Los Angeles, CA right? My shopping in the past 4 years has consisted of shorts, t-shirts and gym shoes. The heaviest garment that I've purchased in the past 4 years was a hoody. Although I would come home to visit in the winter months, I wore layers and high top gym shoes to stand in for boots. Oh hell! Enough with the justification. I'm taking a job to supplement my entrepreneurial income and so I don't effing freeze trying to prove that I'm frikkin "Bobby Flay"! lmao By the way, that hoody is dope right? Check out:

If you guys purchase 100 of them by tomorrow (Job interview date), I will NOT take the job! I believe that it's very important to stay focused on one's vision and goals. However, I find it more important to "NOT BE BROKE" while doing these things. Perhaps if I was 20 years younger...Nah! At the age of 32, I needed that bread as well.

On a "foodier" note: The holiday's are just about here and my best seller, #DiscoRolls are available.

“Fresh Collard Greens braised in Coconut Milk and smoked Turkey. Hand rolled in gluten-free Wontons and deep-fried to a crispy golden brown, served with a Citrus Coconut/Curry dipping sauce.”





******Delivers Saturday/Ships Monday*****

If sales weren't the essence of business or if I weren't in business to make money and support myself and patron other Black Business's, this blog post right here? Well, it wouldn't be so aggressive. Out of all of the products and services that I offer, you'd think that the combination would keep me afloat. Well that's only in theory. At least for me it is. As long as I've been in business for myself; Dating back to 1999 (pitch black gear, inc.) I've found that no matter how good of a service and/or quality of product that I provide, the people (All of my business's are targeted towards Black people), just would not buy from me. Don't get me wrong, there's some people who've bought every product/service that I've ever offered (does my Mom count in making the latter statement valid/credible?). However, to plan my future, take a trip, pay the rent, purchase clothing or simply buy my nephew a Christmas present; I can hardly count on "the people". James Brown has this song that I've pondered over the years. A song that I'm finally admitting to be true for me. There's a part in the song where J.B. states something like, "If the people don't want you, it ain't nothing that you can do..." I know this is totally out of character for me but I can't seem to remember the name of the song. It's in my iTunes but I can't seem to find it. Maybe it will play before I'm done. Back to what I was saying tho. My history in business and sales proves , whether I want to accept it or not; I do not possess "mass appeal". Either that or I just don't know how to access the masses. I've spent more time and money than I want to admit on creating products and services for the Black community (is that even a thing?), only to end up having to go back to work for a group of people who will probably undervalue me but provide a solution to starving. I can probably get really political at this juncture but at this moment, I'm not so passionate about the state of Black people as I am about the state of ME! I'm not angry. I'm in total acceptance of the truth and how I see it as of right now.

When I think about all that I've been through in my 52 years, I become overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm sitting in Starbuck's writing complete sentences on a MacBook Pro, listening to James Brown, waiting for a song that I cannot remember the title to come on. As soon as I'm finished, I'm gonna head over to the grocery store to purchase ingredients to make #DiscoJuice. I make Disco Juice for myself. I've run out and I can't be out here half-cocked like that! I pride myself on the fact that I haven't been sick with COVID since October, 2019. That's right. I caught it before they named it. I know of many others who are sure that they did as well. To be able to create "Disco Juice" and offer it to people solely out of care and concern is something to be grateful for. Especially in today's newly, normal/ callous, careless and narcissistic society. Things have changed so much that I question the title of my previous blog: "Gen X: Relevant and Relative". Last week I was optimistic about it. Today I'm indifferent. Outside of stating the facts as I see them, I will not waste any of my precious emotion. Enlightenment in any form, brings forth revelation. Revelation is truth. Truth is light. Light is all I need to keep moving in a positive manner. With that said, "I miss the EFFING beach!" lol

Trapped Musik Vol. 1 #JusCutz_DJ

Hey! I gotta get out of here. The song of the week comes in the form of a mix by yours truly. #JusCutz

"1st recorded mix for Disco Kitchen in quite some time.

I feel like these selections have been trapped in my mind. Hence...

Check it out on @SoundCloud. Here's the link:

Although you may never get to try my food, you will absolutely get to read about it. THE BLOG STAYS! I probably love writing more than cooking anyway. lol OH!!!! This Saturday and every 2nd Saturday of the month, I collaborate with the homie @discodavemaze for some #LunchTimeDizco. "Quality Disco with Quality Fares". This month the menu goes as follows: Groovy-Groovi-GrUuVy-GrUuVi with Jerk Turkey Jibaritos and Butternut Squash Soup.

*Catch us this Saturday, 11/13/2021 at 12 noon CST on

I will also host the show on the Disco Kitchen_Official Twitch station as well;

I am very hungry and just about in a caffein coma. "Gotta go! See ya when I see ya!"

AYE! If you know the James Brown song that I'm referring to, please let me know in the comments. Yooo! (BlackFist)

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