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Let Things Title Themselves: Word on the Street

So here we are, another week of the Disco Kitchen Blog. Albeit a day later than usual, we are here nonetheless; And we brought a mouth full of rhetoric, personal experiences and musings that I hope will satisfy the requirements for a worthy blog post . As a matter of fact, I think I'm happy that I didn't force this entry last night because today I find myself writing from a cool little cafe on Chicago's South side, called "Retreat at Currency Exchange" celebrating the anniversary of "Monday Coffee". Nope. Never been here before nor have I ever had a sip of "Monday Coffee" until... Actually, hold on... there! Just now. lol ok...#CoffeeGood.

I would love to paint myself as the adventurist/socially responsible dude who consciously goes out with spontaneous intent to patron Black Owned establishments but surprisingly, that's not true. Are you surprised? Maybe a little? You don't know me! (In my T.I. voice). Anywho, I know this place via someone I met over the summer solely because I was rocking a "Soul In The Horn T-shirt". She recognized the t-shirt and immediately responded. I would go on to tell her about my recent trip to NYC to check out a "Soul In The Horn" event and co-founder/one of my all time favorite dj's, Natasha Diggs. She responded by telling me that Soul In The Horn gave her-her first opportunity to perform (the flute), when she lived in NYC. I was like, "#Dope!". Then she tells me that she's currently living in Chicago, curating one of Theaster Gates ventures, "Retreat at Currency Exchange". And I was like, "Dope!" We exchanged information continued to chat and follow one another on social media. It was just last night that I saw my friend's post on IG announcing "Monday Coffee's" one year anniversary and that she would be curating the playlist. I was like, "See! you don't have to force the blog tonight! You can put it off until tomorrow." No really... I've been meaning to get over here sooner but "Godspeed". Hey! I'm here now and look what's happening; I've managed to pull a healthy paragraph out of this action based on recollection alone. #Winning! (I live for the low hanging fruit. Sue me!). AND THEY GOT BURRITOS!

Here's the links:

Alright, enough of the nicety's lets get into what's really happening at "Disco Kitchen"; The "Tea!" so to speak. Did you hear about the new, "Healthy Meal Prep" client that we acquired last week? Well, word on the streets is that she loves it and that she paid for two weeks in advance. People are saying that Chef Craig has the nerve to go hard at creating healthy, weekly menus consisting of 5 lunches and 5 dinners, aimed at clients who are interested in changing their diet's. He claims that his meal prep intends to be a solution for those looking to eat healthy yet flavorful food. You ain't hear it from me but they say that all he charges is $150 per week and got the nerve to give discounts on monthly subscriptions. The streets is talking! Mmmhmm and everybody knows about it. After you leave here, you should go over to "Products and Services" on this same website and check it all out for yourself. Chef Craig doesn't deny any of it! Damn Shame. smh

How could he deny it? Everybody seen pictures, videos and heard audio confessions from the Chef himself! I don't know if Chef Craig knows but everybody knows about his so called, "Immune System Booster" called, "Disco Juice". If he's trying to hide the fact that: "Disco Juice is a combination of natural roots and juices, concocted with love and compassion for the people in these serious, pandemic times. All ingredients are either high in alkaline and/or are known to be anti-inflammatory agents that embody multiple health benefits including boosting the immune system. However, we understand that many of us do not have time to even watch the video let alone make the juice." He's a damn fool! We have proof and here it is:

32oz Jug: *One Shot A Day Keeps “The Rona” Away*


The weather is changing and I suggest that you make sure to do something to keep your immune system healthy. We suggest #DiscoJuice. Click the link to get yours.

Hmmph! And did you see Chef Craig fabricate that whole short loin on Facebook live? Who does that? And who does he think he is? A chef? An actor? A dancer? A DJ? What!?!? I think he was just showing off. He calls it "content marketing" but I think he just wants attention. Smh...I heard him say that cooking was his sole form of income. He was also cited saying, (quote), "Its my bread and my meat/If I don't cook, I don't eat!". He actually fabricated, cleaned and portioned a whole short loin, (The part of the cow that gives us NY strips). Sources told me that he's going to feature the "Steak Caesar" this weekend for "Saturday Soup and Salad". If you're in Chicago, I say, "Send him a direct message and let him know how you feel about lunch this Saturday".

Oh! That's the item there. He says that he cooks every steak, medium temperature and that if you want it differently to either heat it up or cook it yourself! He's selling this Steak Caesar along with a cup of soup for $25. What y'all think? DM him to order yours for this weekend coming. *Vegetarian options available*

Chef Craig is so vocal and up front that he could never deny all the "Tea" that we have on him. And I heard that he used to smoke crack! lol

Oh I'm having a ball writing this, can you tell? So yeah, I am totally glad that I waited to write this until today. Sometimes when I get out of my own space and into unfamiliar/groovy atmosphere's I can write forever. This is definitely one of those times. However, I am not gonna set a bar so high that I feel like I have to reach it every single week. May I add that I am a lazy writer and the inspiration to write definitely supersedes the will to scribble every single thought that I have while sitting here. I'm a Gemini. I gotta go! Damn!

But before I go, I will add while attending my regular "Natasha Diggs/Soul In The Horn" livestream on instagram Friday Night, Natasha ended her set with a cut by the "Ohio Players" that has absolutely influenced my whole week. For one, I hadn't heard it in ages. Two, I can listen and watch Natasha Diggs play a night full of nursery rhymes. I'm just that blew back by her so that doesn't count. I digress. However, the nostalgia of the song, coupled with masterful instrumentation (The horns are my favorite), heartfelt lyrics and subject matter relative to my longings plus the improvisation, both lyric and instrumental (Undeniably expressed and created out of the Black experience), gave me the urge to play this song back to back to back for the whole weekend. On the Saturday morning after that day, I danced around my apartment in absolute bliss! Soliloquy: 'Is it the horns or Natasha Diggs' I pondered. Ok. That's just too much ammunition for the gossips and critics! lol Here's the song. Play it and tell me what it does to you. Oh! The song is called "Angel" by the Ohio Players. Hold on, I'm gonna listen with you. Headphones High!

Here's the link to my song of the week:

This concludes this weeks blog. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe and share it with your people. Who knows when I will catch a wave and write that epic life, changing piece that will connect you to the creator in ways that will award you love, peace, money, limitless Burritos and Blow/Face jobs? It's probably gonna happen soon so you had better subscribe today. Aiight Bye! #1111 (Angel #)



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